Cookie Regulation

We use Cookies in order to give our readers a pleasant time on our website (in the following the website).

The Cookie is a package of information (text information file), which is arisen by the providing server with the help of your browser on your hard drive while you are visiting the website.

The aim of the Cookie is to save information about the current state of the visitor. Such a current state can be for example the identification of a registered user, the content of the shopping basket, the last visited subsite, product, etc.

In general a Cookie is consisting of the following:
name of the visited website in the browser which was sending the Cookie
lifetime of the Cookie and
a coincidently generated unique identification code which consists of numbers

A cookie itself is not enough in order to identify the visitor.

By using the website you agree as the visitor of the website to the conditions written above and you allow the use of Cookies and the saving of the Cookies on your hard drive.

If you do not agree, then we ask you to put your browser into such a state that it will discontinue the use of cookies, or we ask you to stop visiting the website.

In the sense of Hungarian law the owner of a website is in charge to inform all visitors of the website about the conditions written above. The Cookie-information-line will appear on each subsite until you click on the button which says „I understand and agree“. If you will use the website after reading and agreeing, then the owner of the website will understand this as your agreement to the conditions written above as visitor of the website.

We wish you a nice time on our website!